Vibrant colours

Somerso is a fine Venetian art glass technique on which colours, gold 24k are layered underneath a final transparent or semitransparent glass.

Glass beads can be composed of several consecutive layers of coloured or transparent glass. The initial core is formed with a standard glass cane that melted in a furnace. Progressively, the perlera makes solid multilayered design beads, with the metal stick in the middle creates the bead hole. The gather is plunged into the desired shape, moulding it with special tools. Each design required a different process, starting from the minimum of three layers of glass can be applied, shaping with the mould, a sort of pincer with a shaped end that forms the bead and smoothes each layer to gather the design. Lampworking constantly with hot glass, to complete it tick crystal layer is applied to emphasise the layer o either composition underneath.