The Team in the late 80's, from left to right: Salvatore,
Luciana, Lella, Manuela, Lara, Gaetano, Antonella, Umberto
Antonella with her Mother Luciana, "to master the glass beads craft, you have to sit next to an expert craftsman then learn from his labour of love, they hold a precious and rare expertise in creating small precious artefact of rare handcrafted beauty, authenticity and quality."
Artisanal techniques are passed down through generation and back hundreds of years.

BeaPerla SUV

About 75 years ago Umberto Scogliamiglio, founded SUV — Scogliamiglio Umberto Veneziana — on the left Umberto at work. Today triggered by this pandemic we shift towards our online BEAPERLA, where you can find the best pieces of our Collection.

Bringing to life again all the ancient beads from the family collection to bring this marvellous piece of heritage. In that period in Venice, few craftsmen [perlere] were left holding the ancient art of Venetian glass bead making. Umberto left a huge glass cane archive and this is one of the few places remained where you can find experienced craftsman.

Creative and inspiring, they create glass jewels with the lampworking technique.

Umberto and Antonella with two japanese clients

Salvatore, Umberto's nephew, run his family business today with his talented wife. Their necklace collections have participated in fashion shows and had exhibited at the Tokyo Museum. Their workshop is a few steps away from the Venice train station; they are easy to reach even by people with disability, making it the perfect place for introducing or an expertise course to learn this antique technique.

What fascinates their work is how they play with the ancient and classical shapes mixing more classic gold, silver and aventurine with strong ethnic design—the only ones with this impressive vibrant and colourful Venetian heritage glass beads collection.

The "perlere", the Italian word for craftsman bead maker, make beads in glass and gold or silver foil — the rosetta or African beads, the fiorate, the stricà, the millefiori… then the impiraressa, bead stringer, has to create fishing between many with her needle that unique composition. This final creation is the point where the ability takes you. Together with Salvatore, the artist who gives the input, they create the lampworking beads.

The long expertise of our "perlera", transfer in all fuse layers the magnificent colours, giving a surprising result in shape and size, plus making for the observer an unforgettable experience.

Salvatore is coming from a family that features hundreds of years of tradition in the glass art, using only antique Murano glass, accepting the challenge of its technical, chemical characteristics that make of it not the most easiest to use. Other types of glass canes would be easier to use, but would never give the same colours and effects. Every bead is created patiently one by one; every design has a different process of making, combinations of colours, shapes and sizes using the last stocks of a glass bead no longer in production to create jewellery.