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Venetian Beads, Venice, c.19th century. Handcraft glossy black beads with a red, green and yellow linear longitudinal motive; the piece is composed by two roundish cube 30 mm, two spherical of 30 mm, then two cylindrical 15 by 20mm — total lenght 19cm.

From south to north … from Afrika to Venice, from earth to sea …

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Venetian double cone beads have very refined research in history as elegant glass beads design.
The “double-cone” method was described by Anonymous [1835] and is an understandable elaboration of the “cone” method. Likewise, the “double bottle” method, from J.P.B. [1856], and the “bottle” method describe by Anonymous [1900], appear to be variations or refinements of both “cone” methods. In fact, I almost hesitate to separate them into different methods, due to their similarity. The cones, however, are described as being “rude” in character, while the others are clearly called “cylinders” or likened to “bottles with the bottom broken out.” These latter reports may only reflect the care or skill of the glassworker or may represent actual refinements. In any event, the relatedness of these techniques should be apparent.

[Carroll, B. Harvey Jr. and Allen, Jamey D. (2004). “Bead Making at Murano and Venice.” BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers 16: 17-37.]


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Please remember that each beaperla SUV creation is handmade, so the beads' size might vary slightly from one creation to the next.


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