Mosaico Verde

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Necklace with 23 large graduating beads interspersed by a smaller triangular one.  The large ones are shaped like a watermelon; they graduate from 20mm to 33mm; the beads have an insert of murrine’s mosaic and a linear decoration on its hemisphere. In total, the necklace counts 60 beads—length 80 cm.

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Art glass mosaic beads graduation necklace. The watery turquoise green base for murrine [millefiori] inset beads; the Murano mosaic cane is from the 19th century. These beads have been made one by one, in the same way, there were produced in the past, bringing to life the tradition called by collectors and researchers of “African trade beads”. Lampworked craftsmanship made by one experienced Venetian perlera of our team.

Murrines are layered over a core [anima], the pattern has a floral vibe, linear colour striped decoration highlight the bead hemisphere.

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 10 mm

Every bead is created patiently one by one; every design has a different process of making, combinations of colours, shapes and sizes using the last stocks of a glass bead no longer in production to create jewellery.

Antique Murano Glass Cane

Antique Murano cane of glass collection from early 19th Century. Salvatore is coming from a family that features hundreds of years of tradition in glass art, using only antique Murano glass, accepting the challenge of its technical, chemical characteristics that make it not the easiest to use. Other types of glass canes would be easier to use, but would never give the same colours and effects.


The glass section obtained by slicing every 2/3mm of the cane. The core of cane is decorated by different shapes, design and colours, today some shapes are rare as the cane are not produced anymore. Murrines are loved worldwide.