Woodoo Fiorato

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Venetian Beads, Venice, c.19th century. The Venetian beads are lampworked products with a black anima [core]. These glass beads are of the kind known as ‘trade’, ‘aggry’ or, sometimes, ‘slave’ beads. At that time, beads were a major part of the currency exchange for people and products. As a rule, the trade beads were not of a set form, they were produced according to demand, which could vary from region to region, resulting in many thousands of different designs.

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Venetian Beads, Venice, c.19th century. The necklace is composed of nineteen [19] Woodoo which are identified by their glossy black surface with a bright coloured longitudinal linear design — the beads divided into two sizes: eight small diameters 14mm, 11 large diameters 30mm; four[4] glossy black with 24k gold diameter 30mm; five fiorate with their beautiful elaborated design diameter 20/24mm; thirteen crystal with gold 24k — forty-two beads in total, lenght 70cm [27,5 in].


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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 mm
Fine Artefact

Venetian Craftsmanship All bead is made patiently on by one, this process makes every bead unique.