Fiorato Composito

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Necklace with n.22 large [33mm beads] interspersed by smaller ones 14mm and a signature bead. In the composition, we highlight one roundish truncated cube with a feathered design [piumate or sgraffignate]; two exquisite gold floral [fiorate] small diameter; three green round with minimal floral enclosed designs; eight fiorate in the classic Venetian variation; one gemmato design with a budding vitreous surface on Avventurina and scattered gold 24k; one merletto, laced designs with vette [relief] with Rubin red inclusion; one with longitudinal linear enclosed murrina designs; one murrina beads watermelon shaped; one roundish truncated cube matt pastel colour murrine mosaic; one crystal roundish truncated cube with laced floral vette [relief] designs; one gold 24k with vette in avventurina; a signature bead.

The necklace is formed by 36 beads — lengh 55cm.

Avventurina or (Aventurine in English) first mentioned in a document dating from 1614 as “a kind of stone with gilt stars inside”, at which point it already mesmerized people with the unusual and attractive look. The technique owes its name to the fact that its discovery happened by chance thanks to a lucky coincidence when a glass artisan is said to have accidentally dropped some metal shavings into the glass mixture. Italians say it happened “all’avventura”, which in Italian means “by chance”.

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Necklace, graduating beads . Antique rose gold fiorato, which stems from the Italian word fiore [flower], an extremely elaborated decoration enchanted by a gold 24k layer, small relief bichrome scattered tiny bud with floral decor made of our 19th-century Murano glass cane collection. since the beginning, the production of beads was related to Venice island mostly in the sestiere of Cannaregio. this mastery art passed down from mother to daughter,  have created hand-formed glass of such beauty and technique, it’s surpassed historical into legendary. Nuptial, ceremony necklace rafted under the flame, this highly-specialized art form allows the glass masters to create exquisite vette [raised] floral designs, resulting in beads of unparalleled beauty.

Many refer to these intricate works of art as “wedding cake beads” as it’s an apt description for these fanciful beads, with their “icing” of frills and flowers, as well as their resemblance to bridal bouquets with concentric rows of coloured flowers. We think it’s a befitting name as they are the perfect marriage of art and style.

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 mm

All bead are made patiently on by one, this process makes every bead unique.

Antique Murano glass

Antique Murano cane of glass Collection, dated 1940


The glass section obtained by slicing every 2/3mm the cane. The core of cane is decorated by different shapes, design and colours, today some shapes are getting extremely rare. Murrine are loved in all world.