Avventurina Fiorato


Fiorato Avventurina Necklace. Murano cane glass from the 1940s — three [3] beads 32x42mm with a black core [anima]; two [2] triangular-shaped avventurina sized 4 by 25mm; twenty-six [26] sized 18mm in avventurina; eight[8] diameter 8mm in avventurina and two[2] diameter 18mm in avventurina; in total 41 beads — total length 50 cm.


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Fiorato Mosaic with Vette and beads in Avventurina. Aventurine is one of the antiques and popular Murano Glass techniques, distinguished by its sparkling look, created by tiny gilt star particles captured in the translucent glass.  As in Venice is called, Aventurine is a Murano glass-making technique developed in Murano in the 17th century. History tells that a document dating from 1614, “a kind of stone with gilt stars inside,” mesmerized people with the unusual and attractive look, was reported. The technique owes its name to the fact that its discovery happened by chance, thanks to a lucky coincidence to have accidentally dropped some metal shavings into the glass mixture. All’avventura means by sheer accident. The original recipe involves a mix of metal oxides to the hot glass mixture; the particles of the metals crystallize as the glass mixture cools off, giving that glittering surface.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 mm

flora, natural


Please remember that each beaperla SUV creation is handmade, so the beads' size might vary slightly from one creation to the next.


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