Lampwork Classes

Learn how to convey the ambience of water and distant forest, to entice viewers to step into nature, by layering various glass forms. Gain valuable insight into glass placement that gives depth and texture, lampwork in a traditional workshop to experiment the ancient techniques. The Class includes visiting our samples archives, then study into glass techniques and modus operandi. Dive into the processes of various techniques, placement of glass stringers, rods, frit layers that represent a playful balance of nature and control. Everything from creating a glass bead to mounting your finished piece.

Come and try your hand at lampwork bead making on this exciting new course at BeaPerla taught by the daughter in art Antonella and Manuela.

You will learn how to safely manipulate molten glass over a gas-powered flame in the creation of beads, teardrops, swizzle stick twists and stringers.

Antonella makes for a truly magical course where you will be fully hands-on in the whole process, producing your own beautifully colourful creations. You will also be given advice on how to simply and safely set up this activity at home, so you can continue practising this engaging process beyond the completion of your course.

The three-days, week courses are also available.

For more details on other courses, visit the classes section or drop us a line.

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