Introducing Our Workshop

May 18, 2020Uncategorized

Come and try your hand at lampwork bead making on this exciting new course at BeaPerla taught by the extremely knowledgeable and inspiring Antonella, the Salvatore wife.


August 31, 2016News, Uncategorized

bea (feminine bele) beautiful; handsome; attractive; pretty Celtic *biwotūts‎, from *biwos‎ from Proto-Indo-European *gʷih₃wós‎ (“alive”), because glass is an alive material  perla (fem.) (genitive singular perlu, nominative plural perlur) pearl Unknown origins, cognate with Italian perla‎, French perle‎ and Portuguese pérola, English pearl. The usual Latin word for a pearl was margarīta. Founded in Venice by Umberto Scognamiglio in the 1940s, subsequently growing from strength to strength … Read More