bea (feminine bele)

  1. beautifulhandsomeattractivepretty

Celtic *biwotūts‎, from *biwos‎ from Proto-Indo-European *gʷih₃wós‎ (“alive”), because glass is an alive material 

perla (fem.) (genitive singular perlu, nominative plural perlur)

  1. pearl

Unknown origins, cognate with Italian perla‎, French perle‎ and Portuguese pérola, English pearl.

The usual Latin word for a pearl was margarīta.

Founded in Venice by Umberto Scognamiglio in the 1940s, subsequently growing from strength to strength under Umberto’s son-in-law Oscar Sito, whose son Salvatore now runs the firm together with his wife Antonella. The atmosphere in the original craft workshop is still redolent of authenticity, of artistic creations crafted by skilled bead makers, in which glass combines and blends with the most precious of materials, such as gold, silver and avventurina.

The quality and style of the materials used and the constant pursuit of excellence combine with sublime craft skills to make each product truly unique.