Craftsmanship from the past, the great heritage skills of our traditional know-how

Keen to passing information by word of mouth from person to person using oral communication, our archive might appear roughly organised, at first sight, time to time samples and documentation are not consistent as it cloud be. Colours combination together with witty collection's names telling about our evolution and remains a huge resource for future research.

Looking back at three quarters of a century of experience, of corporate history, in-depth knowledge of working with glass, research and investigation on ancient techniques to brings to today a unique craftsmanship and product identity.

Our inspiration is driven by our archive and the brighter expertise of our in-house perlere, specialised in the complete production with ancient glass cane, a challenging material to work with, preserving the traditional techniques, and incorporating contemporary influences.

We constantly challenge ourselves to enchant classic boundary to create and diversify our collection with unique pieces inspired by the colours and this long-lasting material.

Venetian glass is thought to have been made for over 1,500 years, and production has been concentrated on the Venetian island of Murano since the 13th century.

Today Murano is known for its art glass. Whilst the sestiere of Cannaregio and Castello became the heart of lampwork making. Still, it has a long history of innovations in glassmaking in addition to its artistic fame—and was Europe's major glassmaking centre from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance.

From 1896, with the consolidation of the Societa Veneziana Per Industria Delle Conterie, a Company that enjoyed the complete monopoly of the based making industry, sporting their business as far as Africa, America, India, Oceania, Asia and Europe.

The secrets of beauty lying in part on the colour formulas, always kept secret, colours and shades and combinations were constantly being formed to give to the Venetian beads a rare exclusiveness and chromatic scale.